Artist Amy Perrotti

My Matryoshka illustrations are original designs, my artistic interpretation, inspired by various cultures. They share common design elements to both unify the collection and to illustrate that all cultures, all peoples, have much in common.

I've always drawn and always loved children. I worked with preschoolers and elementary age children at a Montessori school for 4 years, then studied graphic design and fell in love with digital illustration. After working as a graphic designer for 10 years I decided to pursue illustrating full time.

My husband and I adopted our daughter from China and my first Matryoshka illustrations were portraits I drew of my daughter and her friends. I wanted to support and celebrate their identities and birth heritage and I've always adored Matryoshka. The portraits received such positive responses from friends and family that when I opened this shop I decided to sell them.

Suggestions started to pour in and soon I expanded my collection of international Matryoshka and the collection continues to grow. There are so many beautiful cultures I just can't stop! People say to me, "Oh yeah, you're the artist that draws those Matryoshka!" Yep, that's me. :)

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